Travel Medical Insurance 

Your current medical insurance offers very limited coverage outside the U.S. It is likely that the only medical care your policy covers outside this country is life-or-limb-threatening emergency treatment. (If you have Medicare and no supplemental plan, you have no coverage outside the U.S.)

Countless health care scenarios can occur that may not be covered and could ruin much more than your vacation or business trip. That is why I encourage clients to purchase travel medical insurance before leaving the country.

Advantages in Care, Cost and Convenience


     The plan includes Sickness and accident benefits that help protect you against these unforeseeable circumstances such as the flare-up of a major pre-existing condition, food poisoning, an ankle sprain, a respiratory virus, an allergic reaction and much more.

     The plan arranges to pay the doctor or hospital directly. So you do not have to pay out of pocket and submit a claim.

     The plan will help locate an English-speaking, western-trained doctor or specialist in a country where little English is spoken.  They also assist in arranging appointments.

     The plan helps in finding a hospital or doctor which meets your expectations for sanitation and professionalism.

     In the event that youíre in an area where adequate medical care is not available, you could be medically evacuated to another country or back to the States...which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars without the coverage!

Travel medical coverage is available on a per trip or annual basis. Before your next trip, ask us about available plans.