Client Comments


My clients value the service and effort we provide on their behalf. Here are some comments we have received through the years (click on the company name for the actual letter) that we are including here because they are representative of the work we do:

 “The brokers we’ve used in the past have done little more than present us with the new rates, along with a take it or leave it offer. You, on the other hand, have consistently used every tool and argument at your disposal to get us the best product at the most reasonable price, regardless of the initial renewal offer. I want you to know that your hard work, creative thinking, and personal sacrifice haven’t gone unnoticed.”

William G. Mitchell, President
Better Business Bureau

 “I wanted to personally thank you for providing me with the best broker service I have every received. You were always there for me throughout the process in helping to secure our new health, dental, life and disability plans and,…, you are still there at a moment’s notice assisting me with the open enrollment process and any questions that come up.”

Sherry F. Stockland, HR Administrator
Cogent Systems

 “Thank you for the excellent service you have provided my family and law practice for more than 30 years, serving me effectively and always providing the best product at the best price. You have always kept me informed of changes that affect the types of coverage that would have an impact on me personally as well as professionally.”

Roger Gleckman, Esq.
Gleckman & Sinder

“The world of health insurance is an exasperating and confusing one for the consumer. Through your years of experience and detail-oriented approach, you’ve made it easy for us. We had difficulty obtaining the right insurance until we found you. You laid out all the options and took the time to explain each plan’s advantages and disadvantages.”

Diane & Jon Ewing

“We could not be in better hands since you have been managing our health insurance, disability and life insurance for over 36 years. Knowing you can provide us with all our needs is very satisfying. Your knowledge of what the insurance industry offers to customers is extremely satisfying and it is such a relief that I can come to you and get just the right policies.

Linda Nicols, Secretary/treasurer
Pacific Floor Company

“I have done business with Jack Hurwitz for over 30 years. He has done a remarkably good job of looking out for my company’s best interests in the Life and Health Insurance arena. I do not recall an incident during that time that Jack was not able to take care of. This was put to the test two years ago. I have Hepatitis C and was being treated for it using Interferon and Ribaviron, which was causing me to be very anemic. My doctor prescribed Neupogen and Procrit to keep my white and red blood cells up so as to be able to keep me on the full dose of the Inteferon….My insurance carrier would not cover the drugs (which were $8,000 per month) … Jack dropped what he was doing, literally, and took the ball and ran with it. (Eventually, I was fully reimbursed.)”

Bill Cleveland, President
Craig Tools

“I always tell my clients, when referring them to you, that they will receive truly professional advice from you. I explain that I use the word ‘professional’ advisedly; that is a professional is one whose focus is on putting the interests of clients first and foremost, ahead of any interest in earning fees or commissions for service and advice rendered.”

Frederic G. Marks
Cheviot Value Management

“I am writing to thank you for all of your efforts in finding us a new group insurance plan. Platinum Consulting Group is extremely satisfied with everything you have done. You have exceeded our expectations of a broker with your positive attitude, attention to detail and excellent follow-through skills.”

Kirsten Garrett, HR Manager
Platinum Consulting Group

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that until you became our broker, I had no idea what a broker was capable of. As you know, the broker you replaced was not proactive the way you are and when renewal time came up, I was the one who had to contact him! …You always got back to me in a timely manner when I needed you whether it was to deal with an unhappy employee or explain and counsel me on complicated insurance matters.”

Trudy Hadala, Manager of Human Resources
Western Data Systems

“…a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our HSA account. We opened it March of this year and it is one of the best decisions we have made. It is reassuring to know that any money we might need for medical bills has already been set aside. … Since we changed to this HSA account, our family of 4 has saved hundreds of dollars in premiums …”

Renee Klingensmith

“I wanted to thank you and the insurance company for the splendid help you gave me in a very difficult situation in Bangkok this past December….Your communication with the insurance company, getting approval and their coverage of my injury was simply amazing. Indeed, I am very grateful having you as my insurance agent and I could not have asked for a more even and quick attention especially when considering the incident occurred in an emerging country.”

Alan Ragland