About Us



We are a small boutique agency devoted to personal service. When you become a client, your account will be directed by me. There’s never a doubt about whose responsibility it is to take care of your company’s employee benefits.


My primary goal is to reduce the cost of one of your company’s major expenses--your group insurance program. In addition, I seek to improve benefits so you can attract and keep good employees as our ultimate goal is improved profitability for your company.


Insurance is complicated and frequently not understood by staff and employees. When an employee feels that they were not treated fairly by their insurance company, this can cause the employee to conclude that his/her employer buys the cheapest insurance available and doesn’t care about them. This is a problem that we make every effort to avoid so when an employee calls with a complaint or problem, we usually solve the problem that day. I do not want any employee to be unhappy with their benefit plan.  


In addition, with me and my staff more than willing to support your insurance challenges, it frees up time that your people were previously devoting to managing employee benefits.




In the 30+ years that I’ve specialized in Employee Benefits, I have acquired a broad range of experience by arranging benefit programs for clients in such diverse industries such as high tech, oil brokerage, medical, legal and all kinds of manufacturing.




I am proud to be in this business and strongly believe in the service my industry provides.  I was very fortunate to have been mentored by several highly qualified professionals who truly loved this business and treated the trust given them by their clients very seriously. They taught me the important basic principles of insurance which never becomes obsolete. I continue to be a student in my field and am happy to say that after over 32 years of specializing in group insurance, I still continually look for new ways to do a better job.  


Client Comments


If I were applying for a position with your company, you’d probably be interested in seeing letters of reference from my previous employers.  Actually, I am applying for a job... an important one — the position of representing your company and employees in group insurance matters.


Please take a few moments to review some of the comments we have received from Clients.